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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Navigating Rite Aid #4: The Results

Now that I have told you how to shop at Rite Aid, I thought I would show you what I did in January and February. Here is what I bought during those two rebate periods:

(sorry, no photo since I didn't think about doing this until the other day)

(1) pkg Airborne
(1) Oral B electric toothbrush
(5) Soy Joy bars
(2) Olay body wash
(2) Olay lotions
(1) Olay bar soap, 6 pack
(2) Olay moisturizers
(1) Kotex tampons, 18 ct
(1) Always liners, 22 ct
(1) Always liners, 44 ct
(2) Tampax tampons, 40 ct
(3) Tampax tampons, 20 ct
(1) Tampax tampons, 36 ct
(3) soda bottles, 2 liter
(1) Maybelline mascara
(2) Valentine M&M bags
(3) Kleenex boxes, 110 ct
(2) Trident Layers gum
(1) Pampers diaper box, size 4
(4) Pampers jumbo packs, various sizes
(1) Colgate Total toothpaste, 4 oz.
(1) Complete Contact Solution
(1) NyQuil tablets
(2) Valentine candy bags
(1) Electrasol tabs
(1) Neutrogena cleanser
(2) Orbit gum, 3 packs
(1) light bulbs, 4 pack

Clearance deals @ 75% off:
(4) Pokemon pencils @ .50 cents each
(4) nail polish @ .25 cents each
(1) french manicure set @ $1.75



That's a 86% savings from my oop cost, and a 93% savings from retail cost!

(notice with all that stuff is 4 packs of diapers and a box of diapers? AWESOME!)

Here is how it figured out:

$219.52 retail cost
$104.83 OOP cost (after coupons)
$89.72 rebates received
(rebates were as follows: $11 for Jan., $17.49 for Feb., $35 P&G promo, $15 Olay and $11.23 Olay)

PLUS, I was able to submit many of my receipts for the $100 P&G coupon booklet offer. So I will really come out way, way ahead (especially considering these coupons can be doubled!)

THIS is why you need to start shopping at Rite Aid!

Get going and start saving!


Cheryl said...

I did a lot of those same rebates. It makes it even MORE cheap/free when you transfer RXs and get $25 gift cards free (2 per person, 4 per household, every 6 months). This is how I get FREE diapers!

Nicole said...

Ummm, did I miss something? There is no "Navigating Rite Aid #3" post. Am I overlooking it?

Carl said...

These deals are why Rite Aid totally beat out Walgreen's "deals" weekly in my town. Unfortunately, the Rite Aids in Southeast Idaho were bought out by Walgreens and are no longer here. I miss Rite Aid! I got so many super-great deals there!!

Jill W said...

No Rite Aid in Logan, either. Bummer!

Marne said...

It was here Nicole. It was the Rite Aid coupon policy. I will repost it.


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