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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Navigating Rite Aid #1: The Basics

Is shopping at Rite Aid worth the time? If you ask me, I would answer YES! I save so much money by shopping there. Instead of buying hygiene items, medicine, and other necessities at Walmart I spend much less shopping at Rite Aid!

It's true that most items have rebates, which means you pay out of pocket for items first then submit for the rebate later. But let me show you how easy Rite Aid's system is. It is all done online. No forms to fill out, nothing to mail. It is fast, easy to understand and you get your rebate in 2-3 weeks after requesting it!

Rite Aid's rebate program is called Single Check Rebates. Each month they put out a rebate schedule. It explains what dates you need to purchase the items, and which items qualify for the rebate. Most times you can only get one rebate per offer per household.

But here is the key to maximizing your savings:

You combine the monthly rebates with coupons & sale prices, PLUS additional rebates from manufacturer's.

It really works!

Rite Aid has store coupons you can combine with manufacturer coupons to get more for your money.
They also have $5 off $25, $5 off $20, and $3 off $15 purchase coupons to use periodically.

For example, through January and February I purchased certain items for the monthly rebates. BUT many of those items also qualified for current manufacturer rebates out there like Olay and the P&G promo from Rite Aid.

Here is an example of one of my purchases last month.

  • Olay bar soap, 6 pack
  • 2 Olay moisturizers
  • Light bulbs, 4 pack
  • 2 Orbit gum, 3 pack
  • 4 Pokemon pencils (on clearance for 75% off)
Total spent out of pocket after coupons: $16.32
Then I submitted for the $15 Olay rebate. So I almost broke even on that trip!

Making sense?

Last fall and this past winter Rite Aid had a Gift of Savings program. If you spent $51 in their store you got $10 back. This was another way to capitalize on getting ahead. That $50 total is before that is why it makes such a difference! And that promo was in addition to the Single Check Rebates!

If you start shopping at Rite Aid you will be floored how much you can get for so little money. In a few days I will show you how much I was able to get through January and February for only $15!

Tomorrow I will show you how to get going in the Rite Aid Single Check Rebates Program!


Jill W said...

I'd love to see a similar post done on Walgreens! There's no Rite Aid in Logan. :-(


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