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Friday, March 5, 2010

Navigating Rite Aid #2: Get Started!

First off...after reading the last Rite Aid post you might be wondering:

"Where do I know about the weekly deals?"
"Where do I find the coupons that match up with all the sales?"
"How do I keep track of all the different promos going on?"
"Where do I find the $5/$25 coupons you are talking about?"

Well...that is why PYP is here! We try our best every week to match up the deals for you. We even tell you where to get your coupons and what promos are going on. So to find out all you need to do is check PYP for the weekly Rite Aid post.

I do recommend you read the regulations and monthly details on Rite Aid website for the Single Check Rebate program. Also, double check your local ad as some prices do vary by location. When I shop before I buy I always check that I am buying the right item for the rebate.

Okay. You are on board for wanting to sign up for Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate Program. It is really easy!

Start by going to their website. This is what it looks like.

Click on where it says, "Sign up for SCR." Then just fill out the info and you are done! Now every time you enter in receipts when you shop go back to the website and log in to your account.

So lets say you went shopping and you now need to record your receipt. You want those rebates! After you log into your account, you will see a page where you can click on "store" or "online" purchases for receipts. This is what the page looks like when you enter a store receipt:

After you fill out the information, you click the button, "enter receipt." SO EASY, huh!

That's it! In a few days you will get an email from Rite Aid telling you if you submission was accepted for the rebate. You can look up your rebate status anytime online in your account.

After you are done rebate shopping for the month, you can request your check be mailed to you, which only takes 2-3 weeks! I have never had a problem with my check in 6 years of doing the SCR system. It always comes.

Plus, if you are also participating in extra Rite Aid promos, like the P&G promo or the Gift of Savings (where you can get more money back if you purchase a certain amount of certain items) you will see those totals in your account too.

Rite Aid also has a Video Values Program. You sign up (its free) and watch quick advertisements to earn credits for printing store coupons. When you earn 20 credits you can print off a $5 off $20 purchase coupon! You can do this every month.

I encourage you to sign up for the Single Check Rebate program now! The only thing you are losing is money!

Tomorrow I will post Rite Aid's Official Coupon Policy.


Marni said...

Just a quick comment - if you forget to request your SCR check (as I have) as a courtesy, they'll do it for you after that month's rebates are over and the deadline for entering has passed! LOVE that!

Marne said...

thanks Marni!

Oh, and love your name. :)


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