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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Miss Matched PROJECT SOCK - design a sock and you could win!

Enter PROJECT SOCK: Season 2 design contest to win $1000 and more!

Enter the Little Miss Matched PROJECT SOCK! Design a sock and submit your entry by April 15th.  The "Fan Favorite" winner receives $1000 and 10 packs of your winning design.  5 "Company Favorite" winners will receive $250 and 10 packs of your winning design.  Winning designs will be produced and sold as part of the 2010 collection.


About the contest
Project Sock is back and better than ever! With even more prizes at stake, Project Sock: Season 2 is destined to be bigger, bolder and highlight the best talent from all around!
The nationwide design contest presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for fans to reveal their "socktastic" artistic abilities by designing a 3-pack of non-matching socks to become part of a 2010 LittleMissMatched collection. All ages and levels of experience are encouraged to enter - the only requirement is creativity!
This year, Project Sock will award six (6) designers with the chance of a lifetime. Not only will the winning socks be sold to the public as part of the 2010 LittleMissMatched collection but cash prizes, socks, and of course, fame, will be up for grabs.
Think you've got what it takes to be the next Project Sock winner? If so, come on and show the world how you'd rock your socks!

One (1) Fan Favorite Prize winning design chosen by fans just like YOU will go into production to become part of the 2010 LittleMissMatched holiday collection for sale to public. PLUS, the winner gets a $1,000 cash prize and TEN packs of their winning socks!
Five (5) Favorite Prize winning designs chosen by a panel of judges will also go into production to become part of the 2010 LittleMissMatched holiday collection for sale to public. These five winners will each also receive a cash price of $250 and TEN packs of their winning socks!

How to enter
1. Design your original 3-pack of non-matching socks using the PROJECT SOCK template. You can either print this form and design your socks on paper or import the template into your favorite design program and rock out there (as long as you don't change the template sizing). Whatever you choose, be sure your design is on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper.
2. Fill out your ENTRY FORM and if you’re under 18, be sure to have your parent/guardian sign your entry form too!
3. Mail your design and entry form to:

Project Sock
c/o LittleMissMatched
307 7th Avenue, Suite 501
New York, NY 10001

All mailed submissions must be received by 6pm EST on April 15, 2010. 



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