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Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Olay Quench AND in-shower body lotion at Walgreens!

Want to get FREE in shower body lotion AND free Quench lotion? I just noticed this deal as I was looking at the Walgreens at this week! Awesome!

Here is how it works:

1 Olay Quench, 20.2 oz, $7.99
1 Olay in shower body lotion, 8.4 oz, ($4.99 value free when you buy the lotion)

Olay Quench Hands and Body Lotion, any excluding trial size $1/1 (4-30-10) PG-3/7

Pay $6.99 out of pocket for both.

THEN submit for the free Quench lotion rebate from Olay! You will get back the $7.99 purchase price from the lotion to make this deal a moneymaker!

Nothing like Olay freebies to make your Monday better, right?


Marne said...

my store only had the regular Olay in-shower body lotion and it still worked. Just FYI.

Taikero said...

My store was out of the Quench In-shower Body Lotion too. The normal in-shower body lotion rang up as free without the cashier having to do anything.

Glenda said...

I also used a $1/1 body wash/in shower body lotion to only pay $5.99 out of pocket

Marne said...

it must depend on the store Glenda. Because the in-shower lotion rings up as $0.00 my store will not accept a coupon for it. Good deal though, regardless!


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