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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Making Your Own Baby Food

Have you ever tried to make your own baby food? It is really, really easy! Much cheaper too, than buying it, AND much healthier! You know what's in it!

This afternoon while I fed my 4 year old lunch, I steamed some sweet potatoes for my 9 month old.

After steaming I blended them up in my Vitamix. I added some of the hot water that was already in the pot. They were nice and creamy.

Then I just put them into baby food containers that I have saved. Then I label and freeze. If I would have purchased all these at the store I would have paid about $5, plus tax. I made all this myself for just over $2. And it didn't take any extra time. I was already in the kitchen.

You can also use ice cube trays to freeze homemade baby food. Freeze, then pop all the frozen cubes into a Ziploc bag and label. Keep in the freezer, and microwave when ready to use. Easy, simple, and healthy!

I have only purchased about 25 jars of baby food so far for my 9 month old. I either make my own or she eats real food. Try it! If you are spending lots of money on baby food from the store, see how easy it is to make your own!


Janae said...

I agree! It is so easy to make.

Katie said...

I did this with my twins. When they got a little bigger, I added meat from the crockpot to the potatoes and carrots and blended them all together. It was super easy!

Aubrey G said...

I tried making my own and I found that by the time I bought the ingredients, washed, cooked, prepared, froze, and stored them it was too much work! Plus you have to defrost them when you are ready to use them, and they don't last too long before they get freezer burn.

I am going to be making more food for my baby now that I can just grind up whatever we are having. Baby food purees that you buy at the store are usually just the fruit/veggie and a little water. They are easy and convenient, and if you combine sales and coupons I think it is a better value than making them yourself.

Marne said...

Aubrey, try making your baby the same food that you are eating if you need to puree it. For example, my daughter has peas when we have peas. She eats carrots when we eat carrots. It really doesn't take any extra time, no more than 10 minutes. See what everyone is saying on the PYP Facebook page!

Lynette said...

I totally make my own baby food. You only have to make it for a few months before they are eating "big people" food anyway! I keep it pretty simple: fruit and veggies. No meat. There's a great website I highly recommend: . They have recipes, food guidelines, allergy information. It's awesome. :)


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