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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Halloween Costumes! Do you Buy or Make? Which is cheaper?

This is my daughter dressed as Princess Leia last year on Halloween. My Mom is an accomplished seamstress and so Halloween is easy when Grandma makes the costume! My only addition to this costume was the hair (easy since she has natural Leia hair), blaster (black spray paint on old plastic Nintendo gun) and boots (white spray paint on clearance cheapy boots) and some help with the belt. Yes, it's a very cool costume. Thanks, Mom!

I love Halloween. I love the decorations. I love making spooky recipes and homemade root beer with dry ice (1 gallon of water; 1 lb of sugar; 1 oz. root beer extract; 1 lb dry ice). I love carving the coolest jack-o-lanterns on the block and I love the costumes!

My goto place for all things Halloween is FamilyFun Magazine and you can find many of their ideas on Over the years I have tried and loved many of their recipes and costume ideas. One of my favorite costumes to make was the Alien Encounter costume. Making the papier-mâché head was a blast! Family Fun also has some great last minute costume ideas which tend to be much easier and cheaper than some of the costumes we have gone with over the years. In fact, many times making a costume at our house is more expensive than just buying one on sale! They are definitely more time consuming. But we feel the results are worth it in the end. We may border on cosplay (this year she's going as Princess Zelda - she's really into strong Princess characters!), but it's a family project that we really enjoy!

What about you? Do you purchase your costumes or make them?


the thrifty ba said...

i have done both...jedi costumes were easy but this year one of them wants to be some weird ben 10 creature. that is gonna be ordered online!


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