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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hair Today

I love doing hair. One of my first toys was that great Barbie head! My only complaint was that her hair didn't grow back when I gave her a cute Dorothy Hamill cut.

However, doing hair first thing in the morning on a child who is less than cooperative is not enjoyable even for me. I understand the morning hairdo blues!

I wonder, almost daily, how we ever lived - back in the olden days - without the internet. We couldn't shop in our pajamas. We couldn't IMDB to see who that actor in that one show was or Google to find the answers to life, the universe and everything. And, we couldn't go to YouTube and learn how to do cute hairdos!

I really enjoy learning new hairstyles from Adopt a 'Do and watching their videos on YouTube. My daughter (now 17) HATED having her hair done as a little girl, but loves to have me do it now. In fact, she's invited some friends over Saturday night to do makeovers before a dance. Guess who's doing the makeovers!

One of the things I realized, in learning these new hairdos is that I really need a Topsy Tail. It really does make life easier! There are a billion hair products out there from simple bobby pins, to the amazing Curlformers that I use on my daughter's long beautiful hair. You can buy bobby pins, Curlformers, and many other hair gadgets at Sally Beauty. Visit this thread to get more information on how you can save 20% and get free shipping. Search for Curlformers @ to see the easiest way on the planet to get perfect curls every time.

I'm not sure what my favorite hair gadget is. Currently I use this ceramic curling iron set more than any other, but I have a feeling the topsy tail is going to give it a run for its money. What about you? What gadgets do you like?


Mindy said...

Thanks for posting this! I was even more excited that you linked to my hair site! I feel so honored! I have been a PYP fan for almost a year now!

Adopt a 'Do - Cute Girls Hairstyles

Whit said...

I love your site! I've had fun looking at hairdos so I'm ready when the girls come over Saturday night!

You should post some of YOUR favorite gadgets and/or accessories. :)

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the Topsy Tail! I bought one years ago at Walmart and it had the small and large sizes in it. I rarely use the large one but use the small one almost everyday. I was heartbroken when my husband said he couldn't find it after using it while I was out of town.

"Cute Girls Hairstyles" is an awesome website, too. I've been following it for at least a year now, maybe two. I love going there to get ideas.

This isn't a gadget, but when my girls were little (1-3 yrs old) I would use baby lotion in the pump bottles when putting their hair in the little elastics. The little elastics were the only ones that would stay in their short, fine hair and the lotion made it so the elastics came out without yanking out their hair.

I also found the TV and the mirror were useful in getting them to sit still so I could do their hair at a young age. So long as they had something to look at they were happy.


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