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Saturday, August 14, 2010 gift certificates - Save 40%!

$50 Gift Certificate - purchase any quantity
List Price: $50.00
Your Price: $30.00 - Save 40%

CityDeals LINK

At what moment do we realize we’re not great cooks? Maybe it was the time you were heating frozen vegetables that turned out half charcoal, half ice. Or perhaps it was the time you tried cooking Caribbean chicken that turned out more like jerky than “jerk.” Chronic culinary deficiency is not a joke and there is a cure. With the help of Plentiful Pantry you won’t just treat your symptoms but will actually help you make 4 star restaurant quality dinners, side dishes, and desserts.
Plentiful Pantry is designed for those of us who don’t have enough time or talent to make delicious healthy meals—pretty sure that’s just about everyone. Their meal kits are like little magic fairy wands in a box (wings not included). Just shake around, add in a few extras, and POOF! You’re a gourmet chef. Just prepare to be on the receiving end of some serious potluck envy and maybe a few other of the seven deadly sins. When you appear on Martha Stewart to showcase your gastronomical expertise, make sure you mention that Plentiful Pantry is your sous-chef.
Gift certificate may only be redeemed online at Enter gift certificate code during checkout.



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