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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do You Send Lunch From Home?

I have been researching home lunch options for this school year. Last year several times my daughter came home with the exact same items in her lunch bag that she left home with. I know part of the reason is that I think the kids feel rushed at lunch... they want to get outside to play. I applaud the schools that are actually sending the kids out to play before they eat.

So what I have been looking into is having things that my kids can eat quickly, that are healthy, and that they may actually eat.

Here some things that I have come up with:

I will be using a variety of different breads when making sandwiches. From 9-grain to raisin bread.

I will be chopping up leftover dinner meats in the food processor and adding mayo or bbq sauces. I think this will be a good way to use leftovers and add variety.

Make-Your-Own..... I want to use a variety of meats, cheeses and veggies and let the kids make their own wraps or stuff their own pita pockets.

I will be including some raw veggies or fruit in every lunch. Hopefully by adding a little ranch dressing, hummus or yogurt to use as dips they actually will eat these. Consider giving the kids a choice. Let them choose what fruit or veggie to take each day.

My daughter loves pretzels. This year her little bag of pretzels will also include raisins, craisins, or other dried fruits.

I bought a little thermos that we can send hot foods in. Just another way to add variety.

Somethings my kids have requested for this year: cheese and crackers, kabobs (I like to do a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits & veggies.

Here's a fun idea: The NY Times did a story on Bento Boxes. These are great for portion control and making lunches look fun.

I found a great thread on Pinching Your Pennies where members shared other fantastic ideas!


the thrifty ba said...

my friend went to a resurant supply store and got little plastic cups with lids (so they can be trown away) to send ranch and other dips with her kids. she is brillant.


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