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Friday, August 20, 2010

.99 Mondays at Savers

I'm sure I'm not the only mother of children who are not only rough on their clothes and shoes, but also out-grow them both before the first trimester of school is over. I still haven't done my kids' back-to-school clothes shopping (I'm dreading it really) but then I remembered about Saver's .99 Mondays!!

If you've never shopped at Saver's .99 Mondays, you're missing out! As you might know, Savers marks all of their donated merchandise with tags of different colors, i.e.: blue tags, yellow tags, green tags, orange tags, etc... Well each week they pick a certain color of tag, and on Mondays EVERY tag in the store of that color is only .99!! It's not just limited to clothes and shoes, it's every department in the store. I've even heard of people walking out of there with headboards, lamps and name it, for .99!

So if you're like me and still have some last minute school clothes to buy and you're either on a tight budget, or even just hate spending lots of money on clothes and shoes for the kids, head out to your local Savers this coming Monday! Feel free to post your finds in a comment!


Angelfeathers said...

My 10 year old girl just loves "Savers". She really gets into the thrill of the hunt and we have found some really cool one of a kind items there. I also have a really big 14 year old boy ( which is not done growing yet) so "Savers" helps us to keep him in clothes too. One Monday we picked up a oak entertainment center that would have cost us hundreds of $$ for .99. I have been surprised by how many items we find still have the original store tags on them too.

the thrifty ba said...

i just got some amazing deals at savers this week. i go to the one in midvale and can always find a deal!

Aynna banahna said...

My Savers does a specific colored for .99 and a colored tag at 50% off then everything else regular priced. I want your savers!


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