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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stop! Don't throw out those glass jars!

Our curbside recycling program does not accept glass at this time. So I often find myself pausing at the trash can, trying to think of a new purpose for these glass bottles.
I have started holding onto them, waiting for inspiration to strike. I figure that if I can't find a use for them, I can deliver them to a recycling center myself.
The straight walled, wide mouthed peanut butter jars, in particular, have really been on my mind lately.
For one thing, the peanut butter is pretty pricey! I'm a penny pincher so I know I could get Skippy or JIF for less, especially using coupons. A LOT less. But the Adams ingredient label appeals to my efforts to feed my family healthier foods so I pay a little more for it. We go through a jar every three weeks or so. I'm accumulating a good collection of them.
Because of their size, I thought they might make good canisters for the pantry. And finding a useful purpose for them might take a bit of the sting from the price of the peanut butter away.
After a little spray paint and some old dresser drawer knobs, I'm pretty happy to replace my 30 year old Tupperware canisters with these.
I'll recycle the Tupperware of course! Or repurpose it somewhere.
I wonder what a set of vintage pea green Tupperware canisters is going for on Ebay?
Where was I?
Oh yes, my new canisters! 
I even made some for the craft room. I just printed the labels using a free clip art website and applied them with some contact paper. If you own a  vinyl cutter you could make them even fancier.
I've been holding on to that giant pickle jar in the top picture for a while now. Today I decided to give it a new life as a Pottery Barn inspired vase.
I just wrapped it with jute, using  hot glue to adhere it to the bottle. I had the jute and hot glue on hand so it cost me nothing. But even those things would only be a couple of dollars if you had to buy them.
I think I'll do the same with the large wine bottle. 
As soon as my glue gun finger heals up. 
These are certainly not my original ideas. Just things I've seen other people do. But they serve a useful purpose in my home and keep some glass out of the landfill.
Buying glass canisters similar in size to the ones I made today would have cost anywhere from $3 to $15 each. Which means I saved myself some money too.
As I was searching for other ideas for reusing glass I was amazed and inspired by all the great things you can do.
With a small investment in a glass cutting tool you can even turn empty bottles into drinking glasses, light fixtures, garden ornaments, etc. 
Just today I read about using inverted glass bottles as mini greenhouses to start plants in your garden.
The next time you have a glass bottle that is ready for the trash, pause for a moment and try to imagine it with a new purpose. Especially if that new purpose will save you money. 
There's no harm in helping your wallet while you help the planet.


Missy said...

Wow, these turned out great. I would've never thought peanut butter jars could look so nice. :) I love the Adam's pb too and will definitely start saving them up. Thank you!

a.feierman said...

Love this post! I have so many glass jars (mainly from baby food). I love how vintage they look. I might have to try my hand at something like this for christmas gifts. On a side not I would love your tupperware.

Kim Milius said...

Very cute! LOVE the peanut butter jar cannisters . . . I have a lot of that specific jar around here, too!

Heather said...

Those peanut butter jars are genius! I love it. I'm always looking for ways to help the planet that save me money too.

Susan said...

Great idea! You can also etch the glass, shown here:

If you still have extra jars, you could put something in them, like a recipe mix ( and give them away as gifts!

Unknown said...

great vase idea! I use my glass jars for holding craft items, gifts (just cover the top with paper and mod podge) I use the baby food jars for gifts as well and as water cup for painting. But my favorite is to ill with a sweet treat and give away.

The Coupon Queens of H.R. said... ROCK! These are super cute! I recycle glass jars curbside, but I also hold on to a few to use as grease jars when I drain hamburger for tacos, etc. Now I am going to rock and roll on some of the jars I have kept! Thanks so much for the inspiration!! I love to get "inspired"!. I think I am going to make some labels using Uppercase Living!

The Coupon Queens of H.R. said... Rock! The jars are awesome! Thank you for inspiring me! I love to get "inspired"! I think I will order some labels thru Uppercase Living!


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