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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doing Things Yourself

What services do you pay for that you could do at home? This takes some thought, but there is generally some things that you can change.....things you can do yourself and keep more cash in your pocket. Many times you may have to learn a new skill in order to complete the task at home. But that is all about being self-reliant, right? Maybe things like:

  • haircuts for the kids (my boys for sure)
  • detailing the car
  • changing the oil in the car
  • pedicures/manicures
  • lawn maintenance
  • basic home repairs
  • Growing your own vegetables
Sometimes you have to weigh the amount of money against the amount of time it will take you to fix/complete the task. And sometimes it isn't worth it, depending what is going on in your life. I just think this is a good concept to think about, and maybe try one new area to save money where you weren't before.

Another way to get a service or "perk" is by trading with someone else, or working a bit in exchange for what you want.

For example, I wanted a gym membership a few years ago but didn't want to pay the monthly fee, setup fee, etc. So I did some checking and I got hired to work in the daycare at the gym once a week, for a three hour shift. Because I did that, I got my gym membership free! I was able to take my younger kids with me for free when I worked and the commitment was easy. It saved me $360 a year!

I used to teach piano lessons, but no longer do so. I am attempting to teach my own children, but that can be difficult at times. For awhile a friend and I traded teaching children...she taught my son and I taught hers. It worked great for us while we did it.

Do you do any type of trading services? What advice/tips/info can you share about doing your own services or exchanging? What do you do on your own to save money?


Rachel said...

I recently repaired a leaking bathtub faucet on my own. Also, I've started changing light bulbs in my car myself instead of taking to easy.

Candice said...

I cut my three boys & husband's hair. Saves me tons of $ & I've become pretty good at it through the years. I've also cut my friend's kids' hair & traded for babysitting. Works out great!

Mrs. Meyer Muffin said...

I mend my families clothes. I've lost so many clothes to small holes, a missing button, hem that is too long or too short. But now I've learned to mend them on my own. Sweet elderly women around the neighborhood are more than eager to share their sewing knowledge!


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