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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diapers 30% 0ff PLUS Extra 20% Discount at w/ Parents Magazine Code

Chances are you already know about the 30% off diapers deal at (you can read the forum discussion of the deal here), so I'll keep this deal-sweetener short:

In this month's Parents magazine between pages 96 and 97 there's an orange coupon with a user-specific code for 20% off diapers at Amazon. Each code is good for one use, one customer, one unit of diapers. This code can be used with the 30% off subscribe and save Amazon offer, bringing the diapers down even more.
  1. Go to the Amazon diapers deal.
  2. Choose your diapers and click "subscribe and save." This will take 30% off your price.
  3. During checkout, enter the code from your Parents magazine. This will take an additional 20% off your price.
  4. If you don't want to be automatically charged for the diapers and have repeating shipments, remember to cancel before your next scheduled shipment.
I don't know if Parents magazine is available on the newsstand. If you see it anywhere, let us know!


Kimberly said...

Using the 30% off code and then the 20% off code doesn't mean that the diapers are 50% off. It's actually 44% off. This confuses a lot of people. Think about it this way ... If the product originally cost 10.00, 30% off would make it 7.00. An additional 20% off would make it cost 5.60. (50% savings would be 5.00)

Sarah M. said...

If any one has a coupon that they aren't using can you let me know please =)

Heidi said...

Kimberly, as I understand it, the coupon takes 20% off the ORIGINAL price. If it takes 20% off the reduced price then yes, you're correct, it would be 44% off.

Carrie said...

I just got size 3 luvs for .09c/diaper. Total was $18 for a box of 208.


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