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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Using Shoe Boxes

I swore up and down growing up that I would not do certain things my parents did. But alas...I was doomed from the start. I am a frugal person.

Sigh...yes...I even use empty shoe boxes for many things...organizing, crafts, storage.....should I be embarrassed? I'm not! I am also a firm believer that kids don't need the newest fad or every new toy to have fun. I do buy toys for my kids, but I think it is also good to let them use their imagination. Shoe boxes are perfect for this!

I try every way I can to make something extra or leftover work for a need that I have. My parents used old shoe boxes for organizing, and so do I. Here are a few ideas I have used empty shoe boxes for:
  • organizing socks, undies, etc in dresser drawers. This works especially well with the kids,and when they help put their clothes away, each item has "a home" to go to.
  • boxes for older receipts in envelopes (organized by year)
  • decoupage the box with scrapbook paper and use it for pretty storage
  • each of the kids decorate their own box for their "secret box" where they put special items. I like to use contact paper and stickers for this.
  • organizing small toys, books, and other travel items in the car
  • organizing various supplies in the garage
  • baby doll bed
  • storage for art supplies
I have also covered shoe boxes with wrapping paper, fabric, and scrapbook paper to make them look pretty and stylish, just like the storage boxes you see in the store.

Here are some additional crafts for kids to use shoe boxes for:

How to make a fairy house from two shoe boxes
A Guitar from a shoe box
Valentine Box
Bean Bag Toys House
Puppet Theater

Using extra shoe boxes for all these things is also a great way to reuse and recycle! What have you used empty shoe boxes for?



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