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Friday, July 30, 2010

Free Kids Glasses at Target Optical

I think we may have had a post on this a few months ago but I just wanted to make sure that people knew this was still going.

Target is giving away a pair of glasses free to kids 12 and under. You have to have a valid prescription and choose from select frames. I just got back from the Centerville Utah store and there were about 30 or so frames to choose from.

This promotion is not listed anywhere on Target's website, so you may want to call ahead and see if your local store is participating. Some stores are also requiring appointments.

Since this is not advertised it may end at any time, so the sooner you get in the better.

I was told that it was one free pair per family, so if you need glasses for more than one kid you may want to double check that.

The lenses on the free glasses are the scratch resistant/anti glare polycarbonite.

For a $25 fee you can add their protection plan which covers the glasses for 15 months.

In tough economic times many families have to make a choice as to whether or not they can afford to replace their kids glasses. Thank you Target for helping families!

If you do use this promotion, please take a minute to thank Target for their help!


letsread said...

Target Optical has been fantastic to work with us. DD 5yrs with special needs went through a pair in one week, thankfully we had the warranty and they were replaced for free (for the first 90 days then it will be $25)

Unknown said...

I called to check that our local Target Optical was participating in this and was told that all the Targets in our state were NOT participating. Thanks for the suggestion to call first. I guess Texas is out of luck on this one!

Destiny said...

None of the Targets in Arizona are participating in this.

melly42 said...

Children must be between the ages of five and 12. I found out when I tried to get a pair for my three year old.


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