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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lemonade Kool-Aid

You know all those lime stains that build up in your dishwasher? Have you bought those cleaners at the store for $4-$5 a bottle? Sure, they do the trick....but, there is a less expensive way to clean your those pennies and do it the frugal way!

photo courtesy Real Simple

Yes, you are seeing correctly....lemonade Kool-Aid! Real Simple magazine says that the citric acid in the Kool-Aid is a pro at wiping out stains. You put the packet into your dishwasher soap dispenser in an empty dishwasher. Run through a cycle. And whalla!! For a whopping 10 cents you can have a stain-free dishwasher! Oh, and lemonade Kool-Aid is the only flavor of Kool-Aid that works. I have tried it and it works pretty well.

Granted, it doesn't clean it perfectly but it does do a mighty fine job at wiping out stains. Try it! It works for me.


Tati said...

I've been doing this with Tang. It has the Citric acid in it, too. I saw this neat tip a while ago on Studio 5 on KSL. I'm glad to see that the Lemonade Kool-Aid works, too.


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