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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cutting the costs of TV Service

About 2 months ago we cut our cable service. We were on a plan that was about $110 a month for TV and internet. After lots of research and conversations with the cable company, we cut back to "limited basic" which is pretty much local channels and a couple more (it was actually cheaper for us to have limited basic and inter net than internet alone).

Cutting back like this was quite a shock for us since now we no longer have DVR nor some of our most watched channels. But now only pay $40 a month to the cable company.

Instead of the high cable television bill we are now watching a lot of our favorite shows via the internet. There are several free websites for watching our favorite shows. Here are a few you could try:





Cast TV

We also now have a Netflix Subscription. We get movies not only sent to our house but we stream TV shows and Movies through the computer and our wii.

If you are desperate to cut some monthly expenses, you may want to give this a try and see if it's something that you can do. If you have a newer TV you should be able to connect a laptop to the TV so you can still watch on the bigger screen.

It has taken a bit to get used to but this is really working for our family. I recently talked to my dad about it and he was amazed that there are so many other options out there.


lotripp said...

I am wondering if you could tell me who your carrier is for internet and basic tv? This is something we have considered for a while now and I would like to look into it more. Thanks so much!

Jamie said...

We have limited basic and cable internet through comcast. Our bill is still $63 a month. Who is your service through? TIA

Unknown said...

I do the same exact thing... lots of hulu, netflix, and just the basic cable and internet. ;-) It is great!

KJlovesBubba said...

Thank you for this. I have been on the fence, too scared to lose my DVR and Sprout for my kids. But we don't watch enough to justify paying $120 a month . . . makes me sick to put it out there. It is true though that most everything I think we need we can view via one of the internet options. Don't think we'll be as devastated without all those cable channels as I think we will be. Looks like I'll be making a visit to the cable company before the week is through!

Amber said...

We use an antenna (we paid about $60 to buy one and have it professionally installed) and pay for monthly TiVo service ($12.95). All the shows I really want to watch are on local channels anyway. It works out great for us.

Tiff said...

Ever since the digital switch for TV channels, we don't get any channels. We just watch any shows that we want to via Hulu. It works great and I find less time is wasted with the TV because it takes more effort to look up a show we really want to watch on TV. We only pay $34.95 for our internet through Utah Braodband and that includes taxes and fees.

Bri!!! said...

We got a killer cell phone deal while my husband was in med school. We are paying $25 a month for each phone with internet on the phones. Instead of paying the steep cost of internet, we use our phone as modem, so we plug our cell into our computer when we need to get online. We don't pay for T.V. either. We got the digital over the air free service. As for tivo/dvr, I couldn't live without it. We actually have our TV connected to a computer which acts as our DVR. It's a program called snapstream which is AWESOME. It's a one time fee of $60? We are pretty stoked about our setup even though at times we wish we had normal internet cause ours is not fast. But during our time here in residency it's a great way to save money.

Carly said...

We had the same expensive plan for DVR and all the bells and whistles & it was costing us about $90/mo, so we decided to cancel the cable completely. We bought a digital antenna for $40 from Amazon (you can get them much cheaper) & we pick up basic local channels for free. It has been an adjustment, like you said. Sometimes I want to rewind the TV so bad! That's what I miss the most. I am actually relieved that we are doing other things more instead of watching TV now. I never was a huge fan of TV, & it was killing me to pay that much. My husband misses the sports channels a LOT. I have a couple questions for you, though...
Does the $40 per month you pay to the cable company include internet?
Which cable company do you use, & what plan do you have?
How do you hook your laptop to the TV? What type of connection cable do you need? I have always wanted to do that, but I am not sure how?
Thanks for the post, and for such a great site! I visit it several times each day!

Bek said...

I was hoping to find out the same thing - what company do you have basic and internet through?

Sherri said...

We have Comcast. In my negotiations and talking to them about canceling they worked out the $40 deal. The $40 is before tax.


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