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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walgreens 4/25- 5/1

Heres a few transaction scenarios for you, you can also check out the walgreens thread for more great ideas.

I try and arrange these Transactions so as to spend as little cash out of pocket as possible. That explains why there are sometimes several single order transactions and sometime I list just a couple of multiple order transactions. Were lucky because this week we have a $10 money maker right off the bat.

Transaction #1
Get: Bayer Contour or Breeze2 Blood Glucose Monitor 19.99
Use: Breeze 2 or Contour meter from Bayer $30/1 Expires (4-30-10) RP-10/25
Pay: Tax
Get: $10 Register Reward

Transaction #2
: (This on is one of those multiple order ones I talked about)
Get: 1x Stayfree Maxi Pads 16 or 24 ct. $2.99
1x Plackers Dental Flossers, 90ct. $2.00
1x Skintimate Shave Cream 6oz. $2.99
1x Tone Body Wash, 18oz. $3.99
1x Filler item at least $0.53
Use: 1x Stayfree product, any $1/1 (6-30-10) SS-4/25
1x Plackers Dental Flossers, any 60ct or higher .50/1 (7-31-10) RP-4/18
1x Tone Body Wash $1/1 At This Link
Use Register Reward: $10 from Transaction #1
Pay: Tax
Get: $3 Register Reward from Stayfree, $2 Register Reward from Placers, $3 Register Reward from Skintimate, $3 Register Reward from Tone Body Wash

Transaction #3
Get: 1x Clio Beautytrim Personal Hair Trimmer $4.99
1x Cheap filler item (Walgreens wont let you use more coupons then you have items, so in order to use 2 register rewards you need two item. It doesn’t matter what the price of the “Filler” item is.)
Use: $3 and $2 Register Rewards from Transaction #2.
Pay: Tax
Get: $5 Register Reward

In the end you walk out paying only tax and $11 in Register Rewards in your pocket!

I am also willing to bet that the Stayfree, Plackers, Skintimate and Clio runs all month, so there will be even more good deals to come.

Questions about how Register Rewards work?
Go here for the answers.


Tami said...

Hi, just a quick question about:
Transaction #1:
Get: Bayer Contour or Breeze2 Blood Glucose Monitor 19.99
Use: Breeze 2 or Contour meter from Bayer $30/1 Expires (4-30-10) RP-10/25
Pay: Tax
Get: $10 Register Reward

In the past when I have gone to Walgreens with a coupon that is worth more than the cost of the item they do not let me use the coupon. Is this not the case anymore or am I reading the scenerio wrong? Thanks for putting together these lists. It is so helpful for me on such a tight budget!

Unknown said...

What area are you in? I try and go to a cashier who I know is coupon friendly. They either adjust the coupon value down, or more commonly adjust the price of the item up to meet the coupons value. Perhaps call a manager over and calmly explain that they get the value of the coupon so its in their best interest to take the coupon.

Unknown said...

There are no coupons left at the Tone Body Wash site. Anywhere else I can find this coupon, or is there another product that can replace it in this senerio?

The Hancey's said...

I can not see the coupon for transation 1in my Red Plum 10/25. I also can't find it on the coupon list. Any ideas?

Trish said...

I'm also struggling to find the RP 10/25 coupon!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry I should have clarified the Breeze coupon if from the Idaho list. It doesnt look like it came out in the Utah RP. Sorry!


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