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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Increase you gas mileage

You may have noticed how expensive gasoline is these days. A few simple steps can improve your gas mileage, and save money for other things you need. Follow these few steps to increase your gas mileage and ease your wallet.

1- Check your tire pressure. If it is too low, add air to bring tires to their recommended pressure. (you can swing into any tire shop and have them check it for you for free)

2- Run your car's air conditioner less. (this of course is not something we are likely doing right no, but it is something to keep in mind)

3- Plan more efficient routes if you drive in traffic. Consolidate trips.

4- Get your oil changed regularly. Watch for coupons for oil changes and watch for specials. The shop we go to has "Lady's Day" on Tuesdays and Thursdays so women get discounts on those days.

5- Throttle down. Drive calmly. Avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.

6- Check your air filter. If it is dirty or old, replace it. This is quite simple to do. Ladies surprise your husband and do it yourself!

If these steps don't seem to make a difference you may need to take your car into the mechanic. Here are a couple of things to ask them to do:

Check the gap on your spark plugs.

Get a tune up. Most advertised tune ups only include checking a few things and putting in new spark plugs. You should also ask to get new plug wires and on older cars ask for about a new distributor cap and rotor.

Look for fouled fuel injectors. Clean or replace them as necessary.



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