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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thrifty Organizing

I love to organize. And I love all the cute and fancy organizing bags in the stores and online.


since we are penny-pinchers there is no sense in spending extra money on those organizing bags when the stuff we already buy comes in them!

This is the bag my daughter's underwear was in when I bought it. It is the perfect size for her dress-up necklaces and accessories.

I do this with many of her things. I have several of the smaller Little People playsets in the bags king sheets come in. Fits them perfectly. Duplo Legos, Snap 'N Style dolls, My Little Pony's....the list could go on! Then I put them all in a container on my daughter's closet shelf.

It works for her too. As a 4 year old it is really easy to see what belongs where when its time to put things away. And she plays better with her toys organized.

What penny-pinching organizing idea do you do at home?


Unknown said...

LOL, I love doing this. I use the bags that zipper bags that hold multi packs of onsies. I use them in my diaper bag to hold diapers and another for extra clothes and medicines. I also shop at the dollar store for plastic bins to put all the accessories of the kids playsets. That way when they pull out the my little ponies the accessories are all sorted in their own bin.

Mrs. Small House said...

ziplock bags, the bags that sheet sets come in (also zippered) and we also use the plastic boxes that wet wipes and qtips come in. Those are great for hair accessories!

KeriKeri said...

I love organizing for cheap. I often use cereal, cereal bars or other boxes, cut down to fit, to organize drawers. I have also used cigar boxes to make jewelry boxes.


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