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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Artscow: 10 Free 8*8 Photo Books

Artscow's offering another code that you can redeem now and use at your leisure within the next 30 days. The code is good for 10 free 8*8 photo books. Shipping on each book is 7.99, so the end cost is 7.99 per 8*8 photo book. This is a good deal, particularly if you're wanting to make multiple copies of a book to give as Mother's or Father's Day gifts.

1. Go to
2. Log in or create your account
3. Click on "credits and discounts" to access your current credits and discounts.
4. Enter code 10PBKS88 to apply the code to your account.
5. This code itself will remain valid until April 19, though remember that Artscow codes tend to expire very early on their expiration date.
6. The photo book credits you receive will be valid ro 30 days from the date you enter the code.


Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

I had this offer a month ago and ordered 8 books. I made 6 books for our preschool group and 2 for my family. At $8.00 each this is a great deal. They have a growing collection of digital scrapbook designs (many are free that you can add to your account with new designs added each week). Cute glossy covers with your design/pic. Shipped from China so expect 2-3 weeks delivery (& reason for high S&H fees). Binding stitching shows some when turning pages but otherwise a great product.

Unknown said...

Don't forget these ship from China or Korea, so they take about 30 days to get here. Don't plan on them being in for Mother's Day

Heidi said...

Natalie: You're right. It's not a smoking deal, just a solid one for those who need it.


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