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Friday, April 23, 2010

Shelf Reliance - Food Storage to Fit Your Pace and Budget

There are some expensive things out there that we want and might even need. Examples might include a home or a sensible car. Traditional wisdom suggests that you can either save your pennies and dimes to eventually buy what you need, or you can go into debt and pay smaller amounts on a regular basis until, eventually, the item is paid off in full.

Food storage, like your home, is something worth investing in. It provides you with security in uncertain times. However, many people are leery of going into debt for their food storage, and understandably so. In this economic climate, who wants to spend more money than necessary? For this reason, it can be incredibly easy to put off this important part of preparedness.

Are you caught up in trying to decide between spending a huge chunk of money on a food storage package or going without altogether? If so, then stop right where you are. Lucky for you, Shelf Reliance has completely eliminated the need for this dilemma.

The THRIVE Q was created about a year ago, and the number of customers who enjoy the benefits of this program has been growing steadily. The THRIVE Q allows you to pay for your food storage a little at a time, much as you would in a layaway program. The difference here is that you’re able to receive your food storage products as you pay for them.

What does this mean? In short, the THRIVE Q helps you build a food storage supply at a speed and price that is perfectly tailored to you. Debt and overspending never enter the equation! As a THRIVE Q customer, you can choose to spend anywhere from a lot or a little each month on food storage. You can choose the amount that works for you and your family.

The THRIVE Q works very simply. Start by creating a list of the food your family needs; you can make a list from scratch or get some suggestions from Shelf Reliance, using the THRIVE Planner, our food storage calculator. (If you ever change your mind, you can add items to or take items away from that list as you wish.) The next step is to choose the Monthly Shipments payment option. All of the food from your list will be divided up into monthly shipments, and when you're ready to start, you’ll be asked to select a monthly budget and the day of the month on which you’d like your card to be charged and your food to be shipped. Once you finalize all of these selections, your plan will be ready to go. A new package of food will arrive every month without any further attention, as convenient as your daily newspaper.

Here are some other fantastic benefits of using the THRIVE Q for your food storage:

You can alter your budget and individual shipments any time you want.

For example, while $150.00 may be a great budget amount for you most of the time, if you ever want to increase it to $175.00 or decrease it to $50.00, you can. You can also change the date of your upcoming shipments, moving them to an earlier or later day in the month. Each month, the THRIVE Q system will automatically select some of the items on your list to include in that month’s shipment, but the system will also allow you to change those items if you wish. In short, the Q is built to fit your needs, no matter how they may change.

You can pause your shipments temporarily or stop them indefinitely – no penalties, no problem.

At Shelf Reliance, we understand that life is not always predictable. That’s why we never ask you to continue using the THRIVE Q if it doesn’t make sense for you. If life circumstances change, you can stop receiving shipments. If you’ll be out of town for the month of May, you can delay your next shipment until June. You’re under no obligation to complete your THRIVE Q within a certain length of time or, in fact, to complete it at all. As a courtesy, we’ll keep track of the items left in your THRIVE Q in case you’d ever like to start it again.

You can use coupon codes to get your food at the lowest prices possible.

If you’re using a coupon code for your THRIVE Q that’s good for 5% off regular prices, but the can of strawberries in your next shipment is on sale for 15% off, the system will automatically deduct an extra 5% from the price. You don’t have to worry about missing out on the best sales; in fact, you'll be receiving an even better deal!

You’ll have a THRIVE Q assistant to help you all along the way.

The THRIVE Q concept is unique to Shelf Reliance. Something so new is bound to have small glitches and confusing aspects, so we’re learning as we go! If you ever have a question or a problem with your THRIVE Q, you’ll have a team available to give you some direction and get the problem solved.

Want to try the THRIVE Q for yourself? You can get started by visiting this page.

As a special offer to PYP readers, you can use the code QPYP to receive 5% off all the products in your THRIVE Q. Remember, that's an extra 5% off of sale prices!

If you seasoned Q customers have any tips or suggestions for other readers, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! I hope you’ll take advantage of this fantastic program in the near future and that you’ll have success with food storage. Thanks for reading!



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