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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walgreens 1/31- 2/6

Walgreens has lots of good Register Rewards deals out this week. If you have any questions about how these work go here for the answers.

Heres a few transaction scenarios for you, you can also check out the walgreens thread for more great ideas.

Transaction #1
Sale: Vitamin Schtick lip care $1.99
and Blink tears .34 or .5oz $7.99
Use: Blink Tears or Blink GelTears Lubricating Eye Drops, any $2/1 (4-2-10) RP-1/31
Pay: $7.98 +tax
Get: $2rr for schtick, and $8rr for blink

Transaction #2
Sale: Joint juice 30pk, .25oz ea $10 (you will also need to grab 1 cheap filler since you can't have more coupons then items)
Use: $2rr, and $8rr from transaction #1
Pay: Price of filler + tax
Get: $10 rr for joint juice

You can just roll between the first 2 transactions and keep your out of pocket expense to a miniumum or you can roll into the following transactions, there not free but still a good deal!

Transaction #3
Sale: Vicks, 20ct Nyquil or dayQuil or liquid, 10oz. 5 or 6 pack vapopads. Formula 44, 6oz. VapoSyrup, 10oz. $5
Use: 4x Vicks NyQuil or Dayquil, any $2/1 (2-28-10) PG-1/17 (if your not getting nyQuil/ DayQuil use Vicks Product, any except NyQuil or DayQuil $1/1 (2-28-10) PG-1/17 )
ALSO use: $10rr from transaction #2
Pay: $2 +tax
Get: $10 rr from Vicks

Transaction #4
Check out the Pepsi deal, spend $20, get $10 rr. Some states also have a rebate. Check it out.

Good luck, and remember to check the red tags by the items for the end date on the register rewards, some last all month.



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