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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make Your Own Baby Wipes

You can use the same method for making your own cleaning wipes (see previous post) in order to make your own baby wipes as well (with different ingredients, of course).

Here's what you'll need:

(1) roll Bounty* paper towels (or a half roll left over from making cleaning wipes)
(1) Rubbermaid #6 square container or similar
(2) cups water (distilled or tap, depending on your preference)
(2) Tbsp. baby wash or baby shampoo
Optional: (1) Tbsp. baby oil or baby lotion

Prepare the same way as you would the cleaning wipes.

I usually just used tap water, and I left out the baby oil/lotion. But you can use distilled water or boiled tap water (which has cooled to room temp before using the wipes) if you want. Adjust the amount of water based on how relatively wet or dry you prefer your wipes.

As before, you may need to add a few drops of water periodically if your wipes start to dry out.

If you also make your own cleaning wipes, make ABSOLUTE SURE to label each container so that you (or anyone else in your household) don't accidently mix them up!

*I've found that Bounty works really well. You'll want to use a paper towel that is quite thick and is not prone to giving off a lot of lint.


Audra said...

Be sure to remove the first few center and outside sheets as they have glue on them and shouldn't be used. Using HOT water to mix the soap and oil first will help them to blend better.


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