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Friday, February 19, 2010

Shelf Reliance: Instant Milk vs. Powdered Milk

Hey everyone! This is Sara Hanks from Shelf Reliance, and I have a question for you: Are you getting your daily fix of the Olympics? So far, Team USA has won 18 medals in Vancouver. To celebrate, we've got some great sales going on, so head over to and stock up on all of your emergency needs. Now, on to today's post:


As someone who loves milk and drinks it with every meal, I really appreciate the dairy products that Shelf Reliance offers with THRIVE Foods. You can find two varieties of milk – Instant Milk and Powdered Milk – that are healthy and simple to reconstitute, as well as cheese and a great chocolate drink mix that’s perfect for hot cocoa.

Since I’ve been at Shelf Reliance, I’ve encountered a lot of people who wonder about the difference between Instant Milk and Powdered Milk. It’s a valid question to ask, and there are many possible answers I could give, but the most basic difference between the two is what they’re meant to be used for. In a nutshell, THRIVE Powdered Milk is great for cooking, while THRIVE Instant Milk is more of a drinking milk. If you’d like a more lengthy explanation, keep reading …

Instant Milk is made completely from dairy, so it’s more well-suited as a drinking milk rather than a cooking milk (though it works just fine with recipes, too). THRIVE Instant Milk also dissolves quickly (instantly, as a matter of fact) in water at any temperature; this makes the instant milk convenient to reconstitute. Instant Milk has a good amount of both calcium and protein.

Powdered Milk is made from part dairy and part soy, and it will taste similar to any skim milk you might use. It’s best used for cooking, although, of course, it’s completely safe and fine to drink. THRIVE Powdered Milk also costs a bit less than Instant Milk, and as a good source of calcium and vitamin A, it’s a great choice for your food storage.

There you have it! Including milk and other dairy products in your food storage will mean greater health and greater variety for meals and recipes, and now that you know how to best use both Instant and Powdered Milk, you’re ready to use them for all your future dairy needs.

Have a quick question about food storage or emergency preparedness? Let me know! You can leave a comment on this post to share your thoughts. If there’s anything that’s causing you just a little confusion, I’d love to help. Believe me: the chances are that someone else is wondering about the exact same thing. I'd love to respond to your question in a future weekly post.



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