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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New toy and game printables at - over 26 of them!

26 high value printable coupons for various toys and games.  Print them before they disappear!  Be sure to come back and let us know the deals you find on them.
Print them at THIS LINK.  Click on the 'Toys and Games' category on the left to just the toys and games.


Sweetpea said...

Hi, I've tried twice to print a bunch of coupons from here and it won't work! I've used this site a ton, and it's never been a problem. But, this time, I go through and pick out all my coupons and then click on "Print Clipped" then the screen goes to the loading page, but nothing happens. Agh! What do I do? I've checked the printer and nothing it wrong with it. I've been able to print all sorts of coupons from different sites, just not this one.


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