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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What produce is in season right now?

There are so many benefits of knowing what fruits are in season throughout the year. Whether your trying to live a "slow food" life style, going green with sustainable produce supply, or just want the best tasting most nutritious produce; its important to have a good harvest calendar for your area.

Heres a sample of a harvest calender for Utah

Asparagus April 1 - June 1
Strawberries June 5 - Sept 20
Sweet Cherries July 1 - 10
Green Beans July 4 - Oct 10
Summer Squash July 4 - Oct 10
Sweet Corn July 4 - Oct 15
Raspberries July 4 - Sept 15
Sour Cherries July 7 - 17
Apricots July 10 - 24
Potatoes July 24 - Nov 1
Tomatoes July 24 - Oct 1
Cantaloupes July 24 - Sept 15
Melons July 24 - Sept 15
Peaches July 24 - Sept 20
Onions Aug 1 - Nov 1
Winter Squash Aug 15 - Oct 1
Peppers Aug 15 - Oct 10
Grapes Aug 15 - Sept 15
Pears Sept 1 - 15
Apples Sept 15 - Nov 1
Pumpkins Oct 1 - Nov 1
- Taken from Utahs Own; link below.

A few Harvest calender resources:
This is a great resource divided by state. Unfortunately about 1/2 the links are busted.
Alabama- New Mexico
Utah Harvest Calendar

Idaho harvest calender from a local farm

Great site updated in the last 6 months. It has local farmers that sale their produce, farmers markets and more.

There are many benefits of eating In-Season product.
  • to reduce the energy (and associated CO2 emissions) needed to grow and transport the food we eat
  • to avoid paying a premium for food that is scarcer or has traveled a long way
  • to support the local economy
  • to reconnect with nature's cycles and the passing of time but, most importantly, because...
  • seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be tastier and more nutritious

I planted my first garden this past summer and loved eating all the great food! We over produced so I could do some canning. Its been so nice to have food that I know exactly whats in it, and its really not hard. There are some great forums on PYP about gardening and canning.


Melissa said...

I am always wondering this! Great post! Thanks!


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