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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OK, So what about pork?

This is a follow to my earlier post about buying/cooking beef.

Again I want to thank Jeff from the Layton, Reams for providing me with great information.

Here are some tips on what to except when you buy pork:

Boneless pork loin chops, pork rib chops, center cut loin chops, sirloin end chops and boneless sirloin chops will all be nice and tender.

Boneless ribs, country style ribs and Slab ribs are overlooked for great meals. All work well in a crock pot, slab ribs on the grill will be very tender and have a wonderful flavor, just remember to cook low and slow.

Pork roasts;
Boston butt roast is a fatty roast works well in the oven, crock pot or a smoker. Boneless loin and crown rib roast are all ways a great meal, cook in the oven at a lower temp for best results. Bone in and boneless sirloin roast are very good oven roast.

Ground pork is all ways a great item to use in place of ground beef. Another one to use is ground Chicken this has a nice buttery flavor and makes wonderful tacos.



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