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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grocery Smarts Shopping lists; a how to guide.

One of the amazing features here at PinchingYourPennies is the great shopping lists. These lists are prepared by smart shopping volunteers. "We scour grocery ads to find the best deals at many of your favorite stores, and match them with available coupons." This saves you so much time in preparing for a great coupon shopping experience.

How to: Grocery Smarts shopping list
Open up your grocery Smart shopping list.

They are organized in a user friendly format.

1) Far left is a "Stock-up Scale:- indicates how good of a sale it is. 3 stars is on OK deal, 5 is the best deal!
2) Next column (second from the left) is the item. This has the item, brand, size.
3) Third column is the advertised sale price
4) Fourth will have any coupons, printable or insert, and any additional information; For instance "Requires in ad coupon". If the coupon is printable you can click on the link, usually labeled "link" or "Group A" etc, and will be taken to the location of the coupon. There is a coupon printer you will need to download in order to print. These downloads are clean and fast. If the coupon is from an insert Here is a great resource to show you how to understand how to find it.
5) Fifth and last column is the price AFTER coupons. This is the price the stock-up scale is taken from.

You can print off the entire list, the Albertsons list is typically 9-11 pages.
OR you can shrink down the list to just the items your interested in. Personally I like printing off the promo items separately so I can work out scenarios.

To Shrink a list (this allows you to choose exactly what items you want to print, its a great way to customize the shopping list)
1) Click on the "Start" button on the top right corner, its just above the grocery smarts logo. That turns everything a light gray color
2) If you click on the large "stock up scale" star it will highlight everything that is a 4 to 5 star deals. And/ Or you can click on the items you want to highlight them.
3) Push shrink, and walla you have a custom shopping list. If you made a mistake, you can click "un-shrink" and fix it but remember to push shrink again before printing.
4) Now click "print." There's a great list you can take to the store.
If you forget these instructions while working on your list they are at the top of the grocerysmarts list.

These shopping lists are a great tool, even better when you know how to use them.


Unknown said...

It would be so nice if the stock up sale were determined by the price of the item WITHOUT a coupon. I don't do coupons but would like to know if I am getting a great price on something. Ever consider changing it?


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