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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walgreen shopping lists for many Western states

The following links can be used to access the GrocerySmarts Walgreens lists in the specified areas. Some sale prices may differ slightly from area to area, but all coupon information is specific for the areas listed below.

*Please note that these lists are created using the smaller version of the ad. You may find additional deals in your area. Feel free to share additional deals you find!

Arizona Walgreens List

California - North
California North Walgreens List

California - South
California South Walgreens List

Idaho Walgreens List

Nevada Walgreens List

Oregon Walgreens List

Utah Walgreens List

Washington - East
Washington East Walgreens List

Washington - West
Washington West Walgreens List

For more Walgreens deals and deal discussion, click here.


Alyssa said...

ah that is so nice to have a walgreens list! great job you guys!


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