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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JJ Cole Essentials blanket - the perfect all-purpose blanket

The JJ Cole Essentials blanket is the perfect go-anywhere blanket.  It stays in my car, so it's always available for those muddy spring soccer games or trips to the park, beach, or zoo.  If you've ever had to put a wet sandy towel into your vehicle, (and then have to vacuum it later) you'll LOVE this blanket. It's no big deal to lay this on wet grass or sand - just shake it off before rolling it up and putting it away.  Even mud wipes off easily with baby wipes or whatever you have handy.  When it's rolled up, you can throw it over your shoulder and still have your hands free to carry your chairs, your toddler, and your cooler.  The blanket is padded and soft, so it's perfect for occasions where you have to sit on concrete for long periods of time.  It's water and stain resistant, and heavy enough that it doesn't blow away or get caught up in feet, elbows and knees. These are machine washable, in a large capacity washing machine. Karin and I both have one of these, and we love them so much we thought we'd share!

From the Manufacturer

The Essentials Blanket is a year-round, go-anywhere, travel blanket with a spacious 5 ft x 5 ft spread. Take it to the park, the beach, sporting events and other outdoor activities. Leave it in the car for emergencies and easy access. The durable outer fabric is ideal for any surface and the inner lining quickly wipes clean. When temperatures drop, the blanket becomes the perfect indoor play area, protecting your floor from messy playtime and your kids from harmful germs. With the sturdy sewn-in insert it quickly and easily folds into a messenger bag for convenient transport and storage. With such wide appeal and function the Essentials Blanket is the perfect gift for everyone!
  • 5 ft x 5 ft when opened
  • water-resistant material perfect for any outing
  • stylish and compact when folded
  • sturdy sewn-in insert makes folding easy
  • detachable strap

Available at these retailers:
JJ Cole Essentials blanket $29.95
Available in grey/green, blue bubble/cocoa, and khaki/pink.
Free 2 day shipping over $49.
JJ Cole Essentials blanket $29.99
Available in grey/green, and khaki/pink.
JJ Cole Essentials blanket $25.49 ($22.94 when add to cart!  Applies to first item only.)
Available in blue bubble/cocoa, grey/green, and khaki/pink
Free shipping over $100
JJ Cole Essentials blanket $29.99
Available in blue bubble/cocoa, grey/green, and khaki/pink, and red/grey (New color!)
JJ Cole Essentials blanket $29.99
Available in brown/blue and grey/green with FREE Super Saver Shipping.



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