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Monday, January 11, 2010

Get a FREE 1/2 gallon chocolate milk with purchase of 2 gallons of white milk - printable coupon

Buy 2 gallons of white milk, any brand, and get a FREE half gallon of Chocolate Milk, up to $3.00 with printable coupon.

Enter the contest to win free milk for a year and you'll see a link to the printable coupon.

Link to offer


Myrn said...

This sounds great Shelly, but the link doesn't work when you try to check the boxes for "I have read the official rules" it won't let you and it won't let you click on submit! Maybe there is a problem with the website?

sandi snowden said...

Can I just say I do not like the Orem Maceys when couponing! They always study your coupons like you are trying to rip them off and then today I went to get the free chocolate milk and they said we do accept free internet coupons. Ugh!

PYP said...

Myrna...the link works for me. Can you try a different browser?

Sandi...that really stinks. They are misunderstanding their own policy. The coupon requires the purchase of 2 gallons of milk, therefore it is now a "free internet coupon." Their policy says they will not accept printable coupons for completely free items.

Anonymous said...

i work at walmart, and we accept all the coupons. we dont double coupons but you can def print and use them there and we do take multiple ones. most of us at apringville walmart dont study the coupons we just scan them. so try walmart. we also price match so take advantage


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