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Sunday, November 8, 2009

HUGE Hasbro Game Sale at Toys R Us!

It's time cross the Hasbro Board Games off your Holiday shopping list this week at Toys R Us! Games are not only on sale, but you will recieve a FREE $10 gift card when you $25 in-store, AND there are rebates/coupons available for certain games!! Thanks to Jodi for posting this deal in this PYP Thread and to Dewey for the Rebate and Coupon info!

$3.99 Titles

Ants in Pants ($2 mail-in rebate)

Candy Land ($2 mail-in rebate)

Chutes & Ladders ($2 mail-in rebate)

Princess Chutes & Ladders

Super Hero Squad Chutes & Ladders

Don't Break the Ice ($2 mail-in rebate)

Hi Ho Cherry-O ($2 mail-in rebate)

Memory ($2 mail-in rebate)

Cootie ($2 mail-in rebate)

Don't Spill the Beans ($2 mail-in rebate)

$7.99 Titles

Boggle Jr

Clue Carnival

Monopoly Deal

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Magic

Rubik's 360

Scrabble Junior


$9.99 Titles


Connect 4


Mouse Trap


Scrabble ($3.00 mail-in rebate)

Scrabble Upwords

$16.99+ Titles

Connect 4x4 $16.99 ($5/1 printable)

Clue: Secrets & Spies $19.99 ($5/1 printable)

Guesstures $19.99 ($5/1 printable)

Pictureka! Flipper $19.99 ($5/1 printable)

Cranium with Bonus Family Pack $26.99 ($5/1 printable)

Possible Scenario #1

Scrabble $9.99
Don't Break the Ice $3.99
Hi Ho Cherry-O $3.99
Memory $3.99
Cootie $3.99

Total: $25.95 + tax
Recieve: $10 TRU Gift Card and $11 Hasbro Rebate
$4.95 + tax for 5 games!!!

Possible Scenario #2
Ants in Pants $3.99
Candy Land $3.99
Chutes & Ladders $3.99
Don't Break the Ice $3.99
Hi Ho Cherry-O $3.99
Memory $3.99
Cootie $3.99

Total: $27.93 + tax
Recieve: $10 TRU Gift Card and $14 Hasbro Rebate
$3.93 + tax for 7 games!!!


Candice said...

Just a note...there's also a $3 rebate for the original connect 4.

Kristi said...

There is a 'catch' on the gift card it states that 'CARD IS VALID 6 HOURS AFTER ACTIVATION."

Emily said...

Awesome deal! I went in early this morning and got my games. Does anyone know if you can use the gift card on another transaction for another card? And does it have to total $25 after the gift card and coupons?


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