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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leapfrog Christmas DVD $3.86 - FREE SHIPPING to store!

LeapFrog DVD: A Tad Of Christmas Cheer (Full Frame)
List Price: $14.99
Now: $3.86
You Save: $11.13 (74%) LINK

Free "Site to Store" shipping!

It's Christmas Eve and everyone in the Frog Family is busy getting ready to celebrate the holidays...and the arrival of a new baby! Tad is more excited than anyone, but all of the attention is being given to the new arrival. Then "a magical fairy god-bug" arrives and takes Tad on a journey through a world in which he never existed. Tad gains a new appreciation and love for everyone in his family. But will he make it home in time for Christmas?


Deborah said...

Just tried to find this...can't seem to locate it anywhere. Are they out?

Deborah said...

I couldn't find this on the links or at Wal-Marts website...are they all out?

Karin said...

It is still there. I searched for "Tad Christmas" and it was the first result.

This is a CUTE movie - my kids love it. There are also some really cute sing along songs on it.

Unknown said...

boo! it's out of stock online already. i really wanted this...


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