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Monday, November 2, 2009

Albertsons becomes "Fresh Market" in Utah. Turn in your Albertson's card and get a free bag of sugar!

Out with the old, in with the new!
Today marks the debut of a new grocery chain in Utah - Fresh Market. 34 Utah Albertsons stores were recently purchased by Associated foods, and the new Fresh Market chain was born.
Beginning today, customers can bring their Albertsons Preferred Card into Fresh Market stores, and exchange it for a FREE 5 lb. bag of sugar. Fresh Market stores will not require the use of a store card.
As with all Utah grocery stores, PYP will provide a weekly shopping list of the best deals at Fresh Market, helping customers spot the best bargains.

Not all Albertsons stores were purchased by Associated Foods. Albertsons will continue to operate the stores at these locations:
915 Redcliffs Dr. Washington UT
745 N. Dixie Dr. St. George UT
835 S. Bluff St. St. George UT
740 N. Main, Tooele UT
25 W. Center St. Orem UT
1585 N. State St. Orem UT
1653 W. 9000 S. West Jordan UT
6950 S. Redwood Rd. West Jordan UT
3871 W. 5400 S. Taylorsville UT


The Carlsens said...

Is this only today?


Does anybody know the status of the Logan, UT Albertsons? Was it purchased by Assoc. Foods also? Will there continue to be Albertsons (Logan) shopping lists?

PYP said...

The Logan Albertsons is now Fresh Market. There will be no Logan Albertsons shopping list, because there is no Logan Albertsons. :(

marcie said...

And what about the West Jordan Albertsons? They haven't been bought out so does anyone know if they will still be running great promos and double coupons? I had just discovered the double coupons and was loving the great deals I was getting with them! I hope they still do!

Molly said...

Don't forget the Orem stores! They'll still be Albies!

Katie said...

Can anyone tell me which Albertson's stores are still open? The West Jordan store on Redwood Road is now closed.


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