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Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving traditions - compiled by PYP members. Add yours!

Here are some Thanksgiving traditions shared by PYP members. Feel free to share your Thanksgiving traditions!
  • We start a Thankful tree in the beginning of Nov. I post a cardboard tree on the wall in our kitchen with a basket of paper leaves underneath it. Every time we think of something we are thankful for we paste it on the tree. We spend the time after Thanksgiving dinner talking about everything we have posted on the tree.
  • We take the time to call all of our family members that live out of state and visit with them.
  • We try to take our pictures for our Christmas cards that weekend, always fun!
  • Starting Nov. 1st each of my kids get a turkey without feathers that I make out of a poster board. I hang them on our big sliding doors in the kitchen so we can see them all the time. Then all month as I see things that I love that they do or good choices that they make, I write those things down on a colored paper feather (ie: DS shared his prized Transformer with DD who is 2 or DS got a great score on a hard test, or DD helped make her bed without being asked)...that kind of stuff. Then the night before Thanksgiving we go through all of the feathers together while we make the place cards for Thanksgiving dinner the next day.
  • Email or call or just ask each person that will be at dinner what they are thankful for, then make a list on the place mat with all the answers. It would be fun to try and guess who said what or have each person say why they chose that.
  • We always have a big (1000 piece) puzzle set up on a card table that people can sit around and work on while visiting.
  • We like to make gingerbread houses. Graham crackers, icing, and everybody brings candy to decorate.
  • Last year we played Thanksgiving Bingo as a big group--I had a list of about 50 Thanksgiving-related words, split into columns under "T-H-A-N-K" and blank bingo boards. Everyone wrote in the words they wanted, then when we drew a word we would say the letter it was under (easier that way). Everyone ages 3 to 90 enjoyed it!
  • The ladies in my family do a craft - usually something for Christmas decor or something like that.
  • After dinner, we had a picture scavenger hunt all over town. We divide up into groups and have a list of all the things we need to take a picture of within a certain time frame. Like for instance one of the things was a picture with the most people, so we went to some random church where there was a lot of cars and took a picture with some unsuspecting family that was finishing up their dinner. It was a lot of fun!
  • About a week or so before Thanksgiving I give everyone invited the beginning of the same story. Each person makes up their own ending to the story and we share them at dinner. The first year the story was written from the perspective of a turkey that didn't want to be Thanksgiving dinner and how he was going to get out of it, this year the story is centered around two feuding neighbors that are trying to outdo each other with holiday pranks...It has been hilarious to see the product of everyone' s imagination and we have really enjoyed this.


charchenko_1 said...

We would always go bowling on Thanksgiving. We would invite neighbors and friends to come with us. One year a local place agreed to open especially for us and enjoyed it so much it became his tradition too!

Unknown said...

Thanks! This is so great. There are things I have never heard of. It makes me excited to try them out. What a great idea to share traditions.

The AngelArk said...

We have a family night where we get a big piece of butcher paper and I write at the top "I am Thankful For..." We each spend time writing on it (with washable markers for the kids) and then hang it up over the stairs, which are also in our kitchen. We keep it up through the holidays and invite any family and friends to add to it. They can be silly and serious. It is fun at the end to look at what everyone wrote.

theballardgirlsandboy said...

Thanks for sharing these! It's nice to remember what the holidays are REALLY about, spending time with those we love and cherish!


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