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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disney's "UP" Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with FREE digital copy $9.96 after coupon at WalMart!

Disney Pixar UP $10 off Blu-ray Combo Pack is $19.96 at WalMart. Use the $10 printable coupon below, and get it for $9.96!

Link to printable coupon

Direct link to coupon: link (IE) link (FF)


Anonymous said...

My Walmart had the price listed at $23.96 for this, but it rang up at $19.96. Thanks for the sweet deal!

Brett said...

My Wal-mart said $23.96 but rang up as $19.96 as well. Their mailer ad shows $19.96, so don't let them charge you more!

Michael said...

Does anyone know if they're taking this coupon at the Walmart in Orem? When I went to buy Snow White with the same coupon they wouldn't take it and were rather rude about it.

Pola Morrison said...

why can't I get the coupon to print?

Kari said...

Did you ask to talk to a manager? The cashier (Syracuse Walmart) didn't want to take my coupon for Tinkerbell either, but when the manager came over she said it was fine. I guess you can print the same coupon from a different site that they won't except, but they do except the one from

Lauran K said...

I used the coupon at the Orem Walmart and it worked just fine! (it worked on Snow White too) I also just bought the regular DVD not the Blu Ray combo pack.

Ashley said...

I got UP and Monster's Inc. on Blueray w/ the dvd for $15 dollars total!

Paige said...

I went to Target. They have UP on sale for $19.99 which is lower than their advertised price. The coupon worked just fine so i got it for $9.99. Then, I was grocery shopping and got some American Beauty pasta which had a $4.00 UP rebate offer on it. I went to and printed out the rebate form. I had to send in the proof of purchase tag from the movie, the receipt dated between 11/10/09 and January 15th, a receipt of a pasta purchase (there are several brands listed you could use) dated during the same period, and the certificate from the website. Assuming they honor it, I will get UP for $5.99 plus the cost of a stamp. YIPPEE!!! Thanks for the deals!

Photography By Texie said...

I just bought UP at Walmart in North Ogden for $5.96!! They didn't have the BlueRay/DVD pack so I asked if I could get just the DVD (widescreen) and still use the coupon and it worked!! Thanks PYP!!


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