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Monday, October 26, 2009

Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure DVD/Blu-ray combo pack $11.99 after coupon at ToysRUs!

Starting Tuesday, October 27th, ToysRUs will have the Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure DVD/Blu-ray Combo pack for $21.99. Use the $10 printable coupon at this link and get it for just $11.99! Hurry, coupon expires 10/31.

Please post if you find the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack cheaper anywhere else!


Unknown said...

Question, does the blu-ray pack have the regular dvd in it?? we don't have a blu-ray so we never buy these! thanks!!

Angel said...

This particular DVD is a two pack, it has the blue-ray disc and a regular dvd. We find that these are a good investment, just in case we ever do buy a blue-ray.

Nicole said...

I called Wal-Mart and they said that they have it for $19.92.

Amy said...

Our walmart had the regular DVD for 19.92 but the combo pack was 29.96. You can price match the combo pack from toysrus though.

Rachey-Foo said...

Thank you!! Our daughter LOVES Tink and we weer planning on buying this today!! :) Awesome!!

Unknown said...

Alright, this might be a pretty dumb question...but how do you price match the Toys R Us price with Walmart??? What do you have to bring in to Walmart to show that Toys Ru Us has it for that price???

Amy said...

I was at the one at Centerville and I just had to tell them the price. I had no ad or anything. They asked no questions and took my coupon. Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

Thanks you so much...I'm off to Walmart today!!!

christinaprey said...

My walmart requires a ad to price match. I have been to quite a few stores, and Toys r Us has the best price. However, there is a great deal at Kmart where you can get the doll and the movie for a great price. Also don't forget about the kernal Seasonings $5 rebate when you buy both the movie and two Kernal Seasonings products...if you can find these for under $5, this makes them free if you already bought the movie...Use these coupons to score a better deal:



Unknown said...

There is a 5 off 50 good until Oct 31 at Kmart. If you want to do the doll + video deal and can spend 10 more on things you need, you can score even greater savings at Kmart.


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