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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thomas the Tank Engine - $1.99 w/ FREE shipping!

On the Learning Curve website you can get a wooden Thomas the Tank Engine for jsut $1.99 shipped. This is a great price on one of the most popular toys around.

Super hot deal! While supplies last so don't wait if you want one.

Link to Thomas for $1.99

ALERT!!! It seems other things ship free if you buy the Thomas! Check out Toby who is also $1.99 and the Old Slow Coach for $6.99!!!


Alleman Family said...

The shipping isn't coming off. It says there is a code we have to type in. Any suggestions?

Laura Horne said...

I did it, and it worked just fine (although it took FOREVER).

Emily said...

The website appears to have some serious problems right now. Hope it gets better this afternoon

Fernando said...

I got it just fine! Thanks!! My son just got a wooden train set so this will work great!! Can't beat a $1.99-great price!!

(Alleman family-the site was done-try again now-make sure that the bubble for standard shipping is checked and it should be free-if not call them!!)

Robin said...

I think they've added a shipping charge. I paid $2.95 to ship two trains.


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