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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Product Review: Bounce Dryer Bar

Did you get the great Bounce Dryer coupon from Vocalpoint last month? I ended up getting my Bounce Dryer bar for just over $1. After using mine for a month I thought I would give you a product review.

What I Liked:
  • I don't have to remember to put a dryer sheet in every time I dry clothes
  • It smells really nice and the clothes have a good scent, not too strong either
  • Directions were very easy to follow
  • Design is simple and sleek
What I Didn't Like:
  • It is wearing out quicker than I thought it would. I know it wears out faster the more it's used but I still hoped it would last at least 2 months. It will wear out soon and I have used it barely a month.
  • Static cling is still there. That's one thing I loved about dryer sheets. They soften AND take care of static cling.
  • It's more spendy than dryer sheets
Even though I did like it, I think I will stick to dryer sheets from now on. The static is driving me crazy!

If you tried the new Bounce Dryer bar, what did you think?


The Gray Team said...

Yes, I've been using mine, and I really like it! I've had mine in the dryer for 10 weeks and it is still going! I do probably 25-30 loads of laundry a week! I agree with the static cling comment, but that only happens on my clothes that are made of silk, or spandex type material. I have 3 boys so most everything I wash is cotton, or a cotton blend, and I haven't noticed a static problem with those. I wouldn't buy it at full price but I would buy it again, if I can get it for the great price.

Carri said...

I haven't had a problem yet with the static cling. So far so good for me!

The Allen Family said...

Mine left white marks on some of the darker clothes so I stopped using it except when I wash whites or towels. Did this not happen to anyone else? Maybe I need to give it another try.

Kellie said...

Mine only lasted through 3 washes before becoming loose and falling into the cloths. I couldn't stand the clunk, clunk sound any more so I threw it away. I am glad I only paid a buck for mine and I won't be buying any more.

Marne said...

Kels....when you put it back in would it keep coming loose?

Christy said...

I liked the way it worked, and it was nice not to have to remember to put in a dryer sheet. But, it left dark grease type stains on some of the clothes, so I will not keep using them.

Annalee said...

I haven't had any issues with mine. I LOVE it! I don't have to remember to put in a dryer sheet. We are going on two months and it is still good, although there are only two adults and a baby. The static cling is only with my silk or spandex like the Gray team said. Everything else seems to come out pretty good!

Angie said...

I really liked it, but I would rather have one from Downy. I have had mine for over 2 months and we do a few loads a day. I will continue to use it.

Shannon said...

After 3 uses noticed stactic cling. Which my hubby can not stand. So it is still in my dryer but I use a sheet also. I will not be purchasing this unless they make a improvement.

jsturner1 said...

I don't really like it. I have alot of static too. Mine has been in a long time and still looks about half full. I think it was the smaller one too.

S. Nora said...

After about 3 weeks of use mine totally fell apart! I mean to pieces! I am guessing that when I did a batch that had jeans in it, somehow one of the buttons hit it just at the wrong place. I was worried that the dryer would die because the small parts would go up to the lint screen. I also loved how the clothes smelled so good and I didn't have issues with static, but I am not willing to try it again. It is pricey and in my case, risky.

Marne said...

Wow! Thanks for your comments everyone. Its interesting to see how it has worked for everyone.


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