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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinoland Kids Bedding Set only $1+shipping

Seventh Avenue has twin and full Dinoland Kids Bed Sets on sale for $17.99-$19.99 (regularly $89.95-$99.95.) When you add an additonal filler item to bring you order to at least $20, you can use the code SA20 to take $20 off your total.

Each Bedding Set includes a reversible polyester filled comforter, bedskirt (14" drop), two standard shams (one for twin), coordinating flat and fitted sheets, and two standard pillowcases (one for twin).
Possible Scenario:
1 twin Dinoland Bedding Set $17.99
1 filler item (example item #ER63232 Laugh Shelf Sign) $2.95
Total = $20.94 - $20 (code SA20) = .94 +shipping! (some states will have tax)
This code seems to be working for any items on the site as long as your total exceeds $20.
Here is the PYP thread discussion of this deal.
Happy Shopping! Thanks to PYP poster beckyneel for the heads-up on this deal.


Dani said...

$10.89 Total! Thanks so much!

Dani said...

10.89 total! TYSM!

Anonymous said...

This WOULD HAVE BEEN a great deal, but the company is completely out of stock and WONT be getting more. I called and cancelled my order, because they would have just mailed the filler item for the full price plus shipping...and you'd be out of luck on the comforter!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I've read by other posters in the forum that the coupon code DOES still work for other items/orders over $20 that are in stock! Still a good deal if you find something you want!

Alena said...

Be warned,I tried to order something else with the code, and the code showed up all the way through the checkout process and then was gone when I confirmed my order. I contacted customer service yesterday, and they said they would fix the problem. Then I called today to check on things, and they said I could not have the discount because I used a credit card, and they will not cancel my order. A great deal turned into an expensive Christmas Present that will upset me every time I see it. I will never consider ordering anything from this company again.

Karin said...

Call back and ask for a supervisor. Inform them that if they don't fix the problem you will dispute the charge with your credit card company. If they still don't fix it, call your credit card company and dispute the charge.

The Carlsens said...

No one from the company told me they were out of stock of the bed set until 3 days later!!! They just called me and told me they were sold out and I said okay Please cancel the entire order. The company said the "filler" item had already shipped. Any suggestions on how I can get the money back? Should I put return to sender on the box? I don't want the filler item and I certainly don't want to pay shipping. ARGH!

Mary said...

The company called me this afternoon to tell me that they were out of the full sized comforter. They were very nice and apologized to me. They also canceled a second order I made on a twin sized comforter that had authorized for shipping. They are refunding my money.

fyi: I paid with a credit card too???

Kaylene said...

They sent me a confirmation email this morning and then called a few hours later to say that the manufacturer told them they could have as many as needed and then didn't hold up to it's promise. I was very upset that it was 3 days later too. They canceled everything in my order when I asked and I paid with a credit card as well. Has anyone received their order?

Unknown said...

Yeah... I cancelled mine too! They should have kept track of how many that they actually had available to sell!

marcie said...

I had to cancel my order and so did my mom. SOOOOOOO disappointing! I wanted them for my boys bunkbed set...

Lucas said...

I just got my confirmation email and called about it. They said that they were crediting $17.01 to my account and that I would be charged anything for the order because they were still giving me the $20 discount and weren't charging shipping on the filler item. It was all very confusing and I still don't really understand, but if they want to pay me $17 and send me something free, I won't argue. I am just curious to see if they really do it.

CL said...

No one called to tell me- I just happened to check my status and saw the comforter was no longer available. I called and luckily they haven't shipped my order yet which means my credit card hasn't been charged yet. Maybe you could tell people to make sure they cancel their order-or else everyone will be stuck paying full price + shipping for the filler item

Sportskids Team said...

Free shipping for kids bedding

brandon and jakell said...

same thing happened to me, I got the filler item, and love it, but they didn't have the comforter and I didn't find out til way later :(


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