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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Live Butterfly Garden: 7-10 dollars shipped!

Check it out! If you were hesitant about pulling the trigger on the Amazon deal with these kits for fifteen dollars, check out KidsWoot today! They're five dollars with five-dollar shipping, making it ten bucks to order one. But, you can order up to three and still pay just five dollars in shipping, making the kits about seven dollars each shipped.

*Note that just like the Amazon kits, these contain a mail-in coupon for you to order your chrysalises so that you have them when the season is right. The chrysalises are free, but there is a three-dollar shipping charge. You can avoid the mail-in hassle simply by going to their website, entering the coupon code from your kit, and paying online.*


Trish said...

In for THREE!! Big kisses to PYP!

Heidi said...

LOL. I ordered three too! I think these kits are going to be really fun and extremely educational.

jackson9932 said...

i was thinking about ordering these for easter and was wondering how long after you order them do you have to send for your "butterflies/catapillars"

Jamie said...

I caught this too late and they are all sold out! I would really love one for my preschool, if anyone bought three and would like to sell one to me (I live in Spanish Fork) let me know!! My email is


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