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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spray Painting Fun! Refinish your furniture!

Do you ever wish that you could get new updated furniture, but you can't afford it? For a couple of years I have been refinishing furniture, shelving, picture frames, and even my doorknobs! It is an easy and inexpensive way to make your old things look new and updated. I now look at things I see at thrift stores and yard sales completely differently. A coat or two of spray paint is all it takes! There is a spray paint for pretty much any surface so your option are limitless.

Sherri's simple steps:

Select an appropriate spray paint for the surface you are working with.

Wash the piece of furniture with warm soapy and water and allow it dry completely.

Lightly sand wood furniture prior to painting.

Set up in a well ventilated open area. I have put newspaper down in the driveway and I have even just painted my pieces on the lawn (after a mow or two you will never know)

Stand about 1-2 feet away from the piece and sweep the paint wide. If you get too close you will have lots of drips and runs.

After you get a good 1st coat let it dry completely before going on to the second coat. Most paints actually are dry in an hour or so.

Seal with a clear spray polyurethane or polycrylic, there several options here from matte to gloss.
I bought this old coffee table for $5 and painted it to be used as a train table.
I wish I had a before of this little stand
Doorknobs Before
Doorknobs Drying


Wendy said...

So - do you sand your doorknobs before spraying. Does the paint on the doorknobs wear off?

Love the finishes!

Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing our old train table. I'm thinking of painting it and then inserting an upholstered piece of foam on the top and using it as a coffee table. Thanks for the motivation! :)

Jeani said...

Another quick update is to spray paint your light switch plates/outlet covers. Use spray pain specifically for plastic. Don't forget to wash/dry you covers before painting.

Sherri said...

Sorry Wendy for not getting back to you sooner. No I did not sand or prime my doorknobs. It take take a couple of coats of paint. The only place where it has come off is from a child proof doorknob cover. Not sure that sanding or priming would eliminate that problem.


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