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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grocery Budget Saving Tips

Grocery shopping is probably the 2nd largest expense in your family's budget, after housing. Feeding our families is not optional. We are all striving to provide healthy meals that will fill the tummies in our houses. Many of us are continually struggling to come up with creative ways to reduce the budget while still providing great meals. I have a few steps that you might want to try to kick the budget into gear for the summer.

Be sure to shop the sales. With the help of the shopping lists and grocery guide on Pinching Your Pennies and your local grocery store ads, you can plan a great menu and save money instantly just by shopping the sales. If you find a great deal on something that you know you will use then stock-up. This step is pretty simple.

Don't forget the basics. Things like milk, eggs, cheese and bread that you use every week are very important items to not forget on your list. You will have less temptation for impulse shopping on additional shopping trips to grab these weekly staples.

Write up some basic menus that you can easily throw together. Things that your family loves. This way you will know what you are watching for in the grocery ads.

Save your receipts. Then you can look back at them and see what great prices to be on the lookout for again! It can also help you to pinpoint the items that you are spending the most money on and you will be able to see if you can make cutbacks on the expensive items.

Cook from scratch. Many things are much cheaper to make than they are to buy. By cooking from scratch you are eliminating unwanted waste from packaging, and you are gaining the satisfaction of doing for yourself. Try some old family recipes!

Eat leftovers. Don't' waste anything. Learn creative ways to use everything up! Purposely have leftovers that you can freeze and use on another night. Save yourself a trip through the drive-thru.

Check out your local discount stores. Closeouts can yield great savings. See if your local discount stores accept coupons for additional savings. We go to our local bread outlet store to stock-up on snacks for the kids for the summer. Be sure when shopping discount stores, to check the expiration dates. If the items are close dated use them quick or freeze them.


Kj and Jessica said...

I live an hour and a half away from the grocery store. In the same town there is also a Wal-Mart. I only make it to town once a month and just shop at Wal-Mart. Are Wal-Mart prices lower than even grocery store sales?

Sherri said...

In my area no. Walmart prices are not always lower than the grocery stores.


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