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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coupons in Magazines

Magazines are a great resource for finding coupons. Grocery, cosmetics and household coupons, are typically found in woman's magazines. All You, Woman's Day, and Good Housekeeping are examples of the type of magazines which carry grocery coupons on a regular basis. Of course coupons for baby items are found in the many magazines geared toward parents. There are a couple of free magazines for parents of babies, Baby Talk and American Baby are great places to find coupons for baby formula. Magazines seem to offer coupons seasonally, so the food coupons are geared towards holiday meals.

Most of the coupons in magazines have expiration dates that are further out so even though they may look the same as the newspaper insert coupon they may expire later. this is something that I realized after I threw away a valuable coupon that wasn't expired.

Since not everyone wants to subscribe to every magazine there are a couple of ways to get the coupons that you want: Check with your friends, family, and neighbors, they may get coupons that you can use in their magazines. Next time you are at the doctor's office look in their magazines for coupons, make sure you ask before cutting them out. You might do that same thing at your health club. Watch for abandoned magazines at the bus terminals and airports.

If you have some coupons that you would like to trade, check out the Trading Post on Pinching Your Pennies. We also have a place where people list the coupons that they find in magazines.



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