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Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to the Basics - Coupons Found in the Grocery Store

There are great coupons to be found inside your local grocery store. The trick can be spotting them while you are busy looking at your list, keeping the coupons you brought with you organized and if you are like me chasing down the crazy 4 year old. But once you know more about what you are looking for the easier it becomes to find these coupons.
Here are some of the different types of coupons to be on the look for:

Catalina Coupons are the coupons that print at the check-stand. If the coupons print before payment ask the see if any of them can be used on this visit, if they print after you pay they are to be used on another transaction. Be sure to check your grocery store’s shopping list on Pinching Your Pennies because many time your can get greater discounts and incentives by planning your shopping trip are specific Catalina promotions. Why are they called Catalinas? Because the company that distributes these coupons is called Catalina Marketing.
Blinkies are the small red dispensers that have a blinking light to get your attention. They are usually right by the item that the coupon is promoting. They are manufacturer coupons that can be used in any store. Look for similar devices in the frozen food section, typically on the freezer doors.
Peelies are the coupons that are attached onto the product. Make sure you remove the coupon and hand it to the cashier, because most of the time they won’t even know there is one there and if you rely on them to find it, it will probably be missed.
Tear Pads are pads with coupons or rebate forms attached. These can often be found near the item that the coupon is for BUT also in other places around the store. Check for current beer rebate forms (not just for beer) in the seasonal area of the store and also on the endcaps of the aisles.
Don’t forget to check the ads! At most stores they have copies of their current ads at the customer service desk or near the entrance. Sometimes there are coupons in these ads – AND if the coupon is a store coupon you can most likely use it along with a manufacturer coupon for the same item.
Wine Tags If you are shopping at a store that sells wine, frequently there are rebate forms or coupons around the neck of some wine bottles. Sometimes these coupons require the purchase of wine and sometimes they do not. Many of these coupons are for food items that are complimentary to wine like cheeses, seafood and meats.



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