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Friday, June 25, 2010

Shelf Reliance: Making the Most of Case Lot Sales

Growing up in Arizona, I saw very few seasons. There really are just two: the season to play outside because the weather is actually beautiful (months November to March) and the season when being outside means swimming or eating popsicles! I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find so many wonderful seasons here in Utah. Autumn brings leaves actually changing colors (cactus don’t do that so much), winter brings snow…EVERYWHERE, spring surprises with even more snow (NOT a personal favorite) and then there’s summer which brings us to the point of this post…Case Lot Sales!
For short term food storage, Case Lot Sales in local grocery stores are an excellent place to start, or expand your food storage. Many local stores will either be having or are already in the midst of fantastic sales on canned goods. Buying in bulk allows you to get extras and continue to rotate what you already have. And, it’s a great way to make the most of your pennies (but of course, you probably already know that)!
There’s an old adage “preparation precedes power” that’s as true for Case Lot Sales as in anything else. So, do your homework. Learn when a Case Lot Sale is happening at your local grocery store. Before you go, look at a food calculator, review your current “inventory” and think about what your family actually likes to eat. The final step is to make sure you know how you are going to store your newly purchased items. You don’t want your cases taking up all of your pantry space, but you also want to make your canned goods easily accessible for everyday use. So, I suggest a very great solution… Food Rotation Systems to organize any pantry out there.

Food Rotation Systems offer both ease and efficiency in making the most of food and space. Shelf Reliance offers lots of systems in even more sizes to be customized to any storage area. And, whether you are buying small tuna cans or large #10’s, Shelf Reliance systems can accommodate them. So instead of using your food storage as a box spring mattress, organize and simplify with Shelf Reliance.
*If you know of any case lot sales happening in your area, or if you have any great tips to storing canned goods, please let us know!



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