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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homemade Snow Cone Syrup

My kids love snow cones. I love snow cones. They taste sooo good when it is hot outside! But for me...heading to the snow shack every time we wanted was was getting expensive. So last year I got an ice shaver to make our own snow cones at home.

Then I noticed how expensive the liquid flavorings were in the store. It really adds up! I set out on a mission to figure out how to make our own snow cone syrup.

I googled it and it didn't take me long to find out that making your own snow cone syrup is EASY, and cheap too! Here is the recipe I use.

1 packet Kool-Aid
2 cups sugar
1 cup water

Mix all together in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Immediately remove from the heat. Cool. I used my kitchen funnel to put the syrup after cooling into an empty snow cone syrup bottle from the store. You can use any recycled bottle.

That's it! Super easy. Last year we discovered we really liked the Tropical, Berry Blue, and Grape Kool Aid for our syrup.

Have you ever made your own snow cone syrup before?


MandeeFranee said...

OMG brilliant!!! We have a snow cone machine too and didn't even use it last summer because those darn syrups are so pricey! Why did I never think to google that?!?! We will be trying it out today for sure!! Thanks for sharing!

Teresa K said...

you can buy some of your favorite flavors from

Teresa K said...

Fun idea, and for your gee whiz file, I'll share some Shaved Ice secrets...

If you are going to shave your own ice, let the ice soften, so it's a bit sweaty, it shaves smoother and fluffier.

Commercial syrups are a mix of 25 lbs of sugar and five gallons of water, with some citric acid and sodium benzoate for preservative.

Koolaid has a bit of preservative. If you want a favorite flavor, you can purchase any of the snowie flavors, available at They also sell a sugar free syrup base for diabetics.

Ryan Cowley said...

I have done this before but used only 1 cup of sugar. It works just as well but the kids get a lot less sugar!

Cheryl said...

awesome idea. we use our blender to chop up the ice. i will have to make this to flavor it!

Liz said...

my husband got a snow cone maker for fathers day and i have been searching how to make syrup and trying to decide whats best. Thanks for helping me out!

Teri said...

That is awesome! What kind of shaver do you have?

Marne said...

One tip I forgot to post: You can use any powdered non-sweetened mix, not just Kool-Aid. And I have a Pampered Chef ice shaver.

Donna Howard said...

We have a commercial snow cone machine, and have done that for years, with a slightly different recipe. We love it, especially the pink lemonade.

Something else we have done is to take the 12-oz. cans of frozen juice and dilute them with just one can of water so it is double strength. Then we pour that over the ice. We all love it, and it is juice, not sugar!

Marne said...

I love that idea Donna, thanks!

jeanneme said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am 64 yrs snow cones and have had a snow cone machine for 7 years (it's about to bite the bullet) but, I'll nurse her along until she gives up the ghost! Couldn't find snow cone syrup early this spring (at Walmart in Pensacola FL, of all places) and was desparate! Did find at Target. Now I don't have to rely on their seasonal stocking! I eat them all year long and love the treat! I just made cherry and lemonade flavored. Way TOO good! Thanks for your recipe and I'll be making more as I need it now! Much gratitude...Jeanne (an avid snow cone fanatic)!

jeanneme said...

I bought a 1 gallon size of Walmart's Great value Lemonade and used it as a change. I loved it too and it wasn't so sweet. I'll bet the pink lemonade that someone else suggest would be great too! I am so glad I found you! Jeanne, the snow cone fanatic!


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