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Monday, June 14, 2010

FREE Digital Scrapbooking Class!

Have you heard of Jessica Sprague?

If not, you need to know about her now! Jessica is one of the most recognized names in the digi world. And right now she is offering a FREE digi class!

I have taken a handful of Jessica's online classes before. I just finished a photography class last month. I LOVE how she organizes her online classes. Very easy to follow, I can do them on my own time, AND (this is my favorite part), all the info is in my account forever! I can go back anytime to get the info again.

Here is what Jessica describes the class like:

We're meshing two of my very favorite subjects for the first time ever! In this week-long class we'll explore techniques you can create with your computer and then add your own touches, for incredible, giftable greetings. Handmade cards are gifts in and of themselves, and what better way to share and send your memories, your skills AND your love with those in your life? I'll show you lots of creative techniques as we make a dozen different cards together!

GO HERE to read more and sign up for the class! It starts on June 28th.



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